Irish foreign minister evacuated from Belfast event for security | News

[ad_1] A suspicious device was discovered in a hijacked van in the car park of the venue where Simon Coveney was on stage. Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has been taken off stage by officials during a speech in Northern Ireland after a suspicious device had been discovered in a hijacked van in the car … Read more

Why is Europe suddenly so interested in helping refugees? | Refugees

[ad_1] After Russia began its all-out invasion of Ukraine on February 24, news of the violence visited upon the people of Ukraine spread quickly across Europe, and triggered massive waves of solidarity. European countries took swift action to offer support to Ukrainians escaping Russian aggression. The European Union agreed in record time to activate the … Read more

Germany to halve imports of Russian oil by summer | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] Economy minister lays out measures to boost energy independence for Europe’s economic powerhouse. Germany has unveiled plans to halve its imports of Russian oil by the summer (beginning in June), as Western nations seek to cut off economic ties with Moscow as punishment for invading Ukraine. Before the war began on February 24, a … Read more

Russian author Akunin: Putin sees Ukraine as a threat to his rule | Arts and Culture News

[ad_1] Russian author Boris Akunin is among several celebrities and cultural figures to have spoken out against the war in Ukraine. Of Georgian and Jewish descent, Akunin, whose real name is Grigory Chkhartishvili, is best known for his series of historical mystery novels centred around Erast Fandorin, a 19th-century Russian detective. Chkhartishvili is also a … Read more

Is the Ukraine war weakening Putin’s position in Russia? | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] Despite ongoing peace talks, an end to Russia’s war on Ukraine appears nowhere in sight. And as Ukrainian cities are attacked, a quieter pressure is growing in Russia as it becomes increasingly isolated on the international stage. Punishing sanctions are taking effect and dissent – which authorities are determined to crush – is rising, reportedly … Read more

EU clinches US LNG deal in bid to curb reliance on Russian gas | Russia-Ukraine war

[ad_1] The European Union and United States are set to unveil a deal on Friday to supply Europe with more US liquefied natural gas (LNG), sources told the Reuters news agency, as the European bloc seeks to quickly curb its reliance on Russian fossil fuels. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Europe’s top gas supplier, … Read more

Canada to increase oil, gas exports amid push to displace Russia | Oil and Gas News

[ad_1] Canada says move comes after European allies said they ‘need help’ as they ease dependence on Russian energy supplies. Canada plans to increase oil and gas exports this year by up to 300,000 barrels per day, the country’s natural resources minister has said, as nations seek to wean themselves off Russian energy supplies amid … Read more

Russia-Ukraine live news: ‘Appalled’ G7 backs war crimes probe | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] US President Joe Biden renews a warning to China against helping Russia in Ukraine war. Biden also warns that NATO would “respond” if Russian President Vladimir Putin uses a chemical weapon in the conflict. G7 nations say they are “appalled” by attacks in Ukraine and back an International Criminal Court probe into possible war … Read more

Putin’s war to wipe out 15 years of progress for Russian economy | Russia-Ukraine war News

[ad_1] Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month spurred a collapse of the rouble and threw global supply chains and commodities prices into chaos. By Bloomberg NewsBloomberg Published On 24 Mar 202224 Mar 2022 Russia is set to erase 15 years of economic gains by the end of 2023 after its invasion of Ukraine spurred a multitude … Read more

Is Russia guilty of war crimes in Ukraine? | Russia-Ukraine war

[ad_1] From: UpFront Marc Lamont Hill presses Moscow’s ambassador to the EU on the Russian Armed Forces’ actions in Ukraine. Asked whether the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine – where civilians were sheltering – constituted a war crime, Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s ambassador to the European Union, denied the attack ever happened. He … Read more